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Name of building: St. Davids RNLI

Stage: E – K

Project value: Confidential

Building type: Life Boat Station

Location:Ā St Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Client: RNLI

Software platform: Revit 2013 , NBS Building, Photoshop

Project overview

creu were appointed by theĀ clientsĀ  toĀ  develop a revit modelĀ of theĀ design ArchitectsĀ 2d information for co- ordination and to investigate potential FM uses for the RNLIā€™s portfolio.

Having prepared an initial revit model of the proposed building Creu attended Opusā€™s office for a live co- ordination meeting of the Architectural and Structural superstructure models.

Both co- ordinated models where handed over to the contractor for a full virtual co- ordination exercise of the following individual models:

  • architectural
  • structural superstructure model
  • structural undercroft and piling model
  • slipway model
  • a model of the vernacular railway to the cliff top
  • a civils model of the car park at the top of the cliff

The intention is to integrate the fully co- ordinated construction models with a point cloud survey of the coves cliff face and sea bed.