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Here are some tips written by Jade from her experience of being a Part 1 Student working with Creu.


1. Make sure you ask questions if you have them, even if you feel silly. It is better to fully understand the task before trying to complete it.

2. Complete your PEDR logbooks quarterly, and communicate with your mentor and Professional Studies advisor to ensure the documentation gets signed off, on time. 3 months will soon pass by, so make a daily note of tasks completed and the time taken to do so. Documenting the tasks as you complete them, will reduce the time taken when completing your PEDR logbook at the end of the quarter.

3. Always be keen to learn and keep up to date on current architectural trends, whether that is by reading magazines or online blogs such as archdaily or deezen. Reading is a brilliant way to learn and understand what really interests you. Finding a topic or architectural style that excites you and gaining knowledge throughout your ‘year out’ is beneficial when you continue with your part 2 studies, where you will be required to complete a dissertation and a thesis.

4. Set goals whilst you are working in practice, is there something you have never completed before? Whether that is learning a new skill or software, gaining a better understanding of building regulations or working on a particular project typology you haven’t had the opportunity to previously. Your time out in placement is the perfect opportunity to achieve goals.

5. Attend client meetings and visit site when given the opportunity. Visiting site, while a project is live will help you gain a better understanding of the Architect’s role.


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